Syed Flour Mills was established in 1980, in the Pakistan’s fourth largest City Hyderabad. Because of its dedication to providing quality products to all, it realized that people all over the country requires more for their Diabetes and Diet. Therefore in the Year-2004, it started research on Diet Products and after many years of research, a wide range of Syed Diet Products / Organic Products / Keto Diet Products / Gluten-Free Products & Edible Oils (Extra Virgin Cold Pressed) introduced, such as Flour (Atta), Biscuits, Porridges, Spaghetti, Salanty & Edible Oils are now available in all over Pakistan. It distributes their Products through its distribution network in more then 100 cities and up to 300 Super Stores through Pakistan’s well reputed distributors (TCS) regionally. Syed Diet Products are not only for those who has Wheat Allergy (Celiac), Diabetes, Autistic Children’s (Special Children’s / Persons), Psoriasis, Cholesterol, Arthritis, Blood Pressure and Heart Care its also for those who wants to Weight Loss as well.

Syed Flour Mills – First Factory Outlet in Karachi.

Syed Ahmed Bilal Shah
Managing Director

Syed Ahmed Abdal Shah

Atif Hameed

Adeel Shaikh
E-Comm Manager

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