Here are some frequently asked questions about our products. If you can’t find answer to your question, please get in touch for any queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products 100% gluten-free?
Yes, gluten-free products are 100% free of gluten.
Do you use same grinders for all of your flours?
No, we have separate grinders and premises for gluten-free flour and regular wheat flour.
Are your imported products halal?
Yes, all of our imported products are halal certified.
Is Syed Diet Atta 100% gluten-free?
No, it is not 100% gluten-free, it contains very low gluten – it is NOT for minors. You should consult your nutritionist before consuming it.
Is Syed Diet Atta made from wheat?
Yes, it is made from 100% processed desi wheat.
What if I receive defected/damaged product?
We have a very flexible return & exchange policy, please read the details here.
What is the difference between Express Shipping and Overland Shipping?
We have partnered with TCS for our deliveries across Pakistan. For small orders, we provide express shipping which delivers in 2-4 days throughout Pakistan and has the option of payment via Cash On Delivery. While overland delivery is for large orders which deliver in 7-8 days throughout Pakistan and has the option of payment via Bank Transfer only.
Why are your shipping charges so high?
We do our best to deliver you our products at the lowest possible price, at times, due to higher volume (weight) the shipping cost increases. You can opt to have delivery by Overland which has lower shipping charges.